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Please keep in mind, our head chef can make almost anything!
If there is not something on the menu that you would like to offer, just let us know.
We will get you a price on whatever you would like to offer.

For Friday & Saturday Events

“The meal was absolutely perfect, the presentation was beautiful…shrimp, steaks, and chicken all to die for.”
-Isabell (Private Party)
“We were so impressed with the head chef. Not only were each of his dishes absolutely amazing, but he took time to introduce himself to us during our meal which continued to give it that personal touch. The service that we received may not seem like anything out of the ordinary to you, but it truly was. It is hard these days to find workers that go above and beyond and each of your employees exemplified that. Our experience just affirmed our choice to celebrate our special day at your establishment.” – Marieka and Jay (Bride and Groom)

Taste Tests:

Taste tests are an intimate here at Lake Windsor. They provide you with the opportunity to meet our event coordinator. They showcase the plate presentation and portion size the same as you will receive it on the day of your event. You are also able to view how the table is set and the servers will be presented. At Lake Windsor we personalize our taste tests in order to ease your every worry during the planning process.

Your event coordinator is happy to schedule your tasting for you!  Visit our Testimonial page for more raves about our banquet food!